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CAC/CSST Exam Prep Course
This course is intended to prepare students for the CSST and CAC certification exams. There will be simulated test conditions and environment. During this time the focus will be on exam topics and test taking strategies. There will be focus on the mathematical/computational questions of the exam as well as time for a Q&A period. ADDED BONUS: One week prior to class, Students will receive FREE Access to an online portal with study tools for the ..
Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor State Exam Prep
Supervisor: This Northern California Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor State Prep Exam class provides a review of the HUD Guidelines (Chapters 8, 10, 11, & 12)and California Code of Regulations (Title 17, 8, & 22 CCR) as it relates to Regulatory Requirements, H&S, Sample Collection & Analysis, Abatement Options, Containment/Cleanup/Clearance, and Admin. Duties. Project Monitor: This test preparation class provides a review of HU..

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