Asbestos Project Designer

Hours: 24 Hours

The Project Designer Training course is three days in length. Persons seeking to be licensed as an asbestos consultant or accredited as a project designer shall complete the project design course. Successful completion of the course shall be demonstrated by achieving a score of at least 70% correct on the written course examination.

Course Content

This course will cover background information on asbestos and potential health effects related to asbestos exposure. Other topics include:

* Overview of abatement construction projects to include clearance of the project area

* Safety system design specifications, including written sampling rationale for air clearance

* Field trip

* Employee personal protective equipment

* Additional Safety hazards

* Fiber aerodynamics and control

* Designing abatement solutions and written project design

* Budgeting/cost estimation

* Writing abatement specifications

* Preparing abatement drawings

* Contract preparation and administration

* Legal/liabilities/defenses

* Replacement * Role of other consultants

* Occupied buildings

* How to accomplish a complete visual inspection

* Course review include

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