"Blanket" CM Approvals for US Regulatory Asbestos, Hazardous
Waste and Lead Courses


These courses have “blanket” approval for IH CM points, i.e., a CM Approval Number is not needed for the CM Worksheet.
Courses can only be counted for CM points one time during a 5 year CM cycle. See the ABIH CM Handbook for details.

Effective 1 January 2010, CM points are assigned at 0.167 points per hour of technical contact time. Combination courses are
additive for the CM points (e.g. a combination course of the 16 hour Asbestos Management Planner (2 pts) and the 24 hour
Asbestos Inspector (3 pts) will be worth the equivalent of 40 hours (5 pts). Organizations that sponsor/deliver any of the following
courses may use this CM point information in their publications.

Certification Maintenance Approval Points