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NATEC's internal staff of EH&S Instructors allow us to have a strong quality control program that
further defines our ability to customize courses to meet the continual changes of our end customer’s
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16 Hour Scaffolding Competent Person
Hours: 16 29 CFR §1926.454(a) This safety awareness course will review the state and federal safety standards for scaffold users and scaffold erectors. Discussion will include types of scaffolds, the basics of setting up a scaffold system, and how to prevent potentially hazardous situations. Workshop: If scaffolding is available, students will work as a team to plan, assemble, and inspect a scaffolding system. (4, 8 or 16 hours) Topi..
Confined Space Competent Person
This Northern California Confined Space Competent Person course provides information for any person who may be called upon to execute any task that requires entering a permit confined space. The course covers OSHA Regulations, review of a permit entry program, emergency procedures, and demonstration of special equipment. In addition, the course will cover atmospheric hazards, monitoring and ventilation techniques, physical hazards, and self‐contained br..
Fall Protection Competent Person
The target audience for this Northern California Fall Protection Competent Person course is employees who will be responsible for implementing the organization’s Fall Protection Program, including selecting equipment and systems; rigging fall protection equipment; supervising workers who need to use the equipment; and monitoring the inspection and maintenance of the equipment. Course Requirement: Title 8 CCR Section 1671.1 Course Content: Cour..
OSHA 10 Hour
This Northern California OSHA 10 Hour training is offered under the guidelines of the OSHA Construction Industry Outreach Training Program. It is taught by an authorized instructor. Who Should Attend: Anyone who is interested in the preparation and or maintenance of the OSHA Safety and Health programs within the Construction Industry. Why should you attend: Facilitators identify safety and health principles that help you meet OSHA requirem..
OSHA 30 Hour
This Northern California OSHA 30 Hour course provides information on Title 8 Construction Industry standards and compliance. Topics include IIPP, Ergo, Electrical and many others. The course also provides existing Fed OSHA trainers an endorsement authorizing them to teach 30 hour Federal‐ Cal/OSHA outreach courses. Resources and Cal/OSHA training guidelines will be covered. Learning Objectives: The student will be introduced to the informational ..
Trenching and Shoring
This Northern California Trenching and Shoring course is designed to give supervisors, inspectors, site managers, and workers, the ability to identify existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings of an open trench. The student will learn of the working conditions that are hazardous and dangerous to those who enter open trenches. In order to be a "Competent Person", one must have had specific training in, and be knowledgeable about; soils an..

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