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Federal law requires asbestos control professionals to take training on how to properly inspect for the presence of asbestos and to repair and remove it. Training also is required to develop asbestos plans for schools and to manage and design asbestos abatement projects. NATEC International offers these training courses, which must meet EPA guidelines.

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Asbestos Worker Refresher (English)
This Southern California Asbestos Worker Refresher (English) 8 Hour course meets the OSHA annual refresher training requirements for Asbestos Workers. The course covers topics required by OSHA including a review of regulations, of topics from the original course, and any new regulatory requirements, practices or tools of the trade. In addition to the minimum requirements students will cover practical issues workers face with real-world solutions. Practi..
Asbestos Worker Refresher (Spanish)
Este Southern California Asbestos Worker Refresher (Spanish) 8 Hour curso de un día cumple los requisitos de OSHA anual de actividades de formación continua para los trabajadores del amianto. El curso cubre los asuntos requeridos por la OSHA, incluyendo una revisión de los reglamentos, de los temas del curso original, y que los nuevos requisitos reglamentarios, las prácticas o herramientas del oficio. Además de los requisitos mínimos de los estudiantes ..
Online CAL/OSHA Asbestos Awareness
This Online Cal/OSHA  Asbestos Awareness Training is intended for employees performing Awareness Level operations shall be consistent with Federal EPA requirements for training of local agency maintenance and custodial staff as set forth in 40 CFR 763.92 (a)(1). Such a course shall include available information concerning the locations of thermal system insulation (TSI) and surfacing materials that contain, or are presumed to contain, asbestos (ACM..
Online CAL/OSHA Asbestos O&M Initial
This Online CAL/OSHA Asbestos O&M Initial 16 Hour course (OSHA class III) is required, as a minimum, for all service workers (maintenance and custodial staff) whose jobs may require them to disturb small amounts of asbestos during routine or emergency maintenance-related work. If the anticipated work is not maintenance related (such as renovation, new system tie-ins, etc.) or not able to be contained in a single, standard sized glove bag or was..
Online CAL/OSHA Asbestos O&M Refresher
This Online CAL/OSHA Asbestos O&M Refresher 4 Hour course meets the OSHA annual training requirements for Asbestos Maintenance Workers (OSHA Class III).This course reviews regulations, topics from the original course, and any new practices or tools of the trade. Hours 4 Hours Prerequisites: Previous 16-hour Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Worker Initial or annual refresher(s). *Class Time: 8AM-12PM Certificate of Completi..

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