Fall Protection Competent Person

Fall Protection Competent Person
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The target audience for this Arizona/Nevada Fall Protection Competent Person course is employees who will be responsible for implementing the organizationā€™s Fall Protection Program, including selecting equipment and systems; rigging fall protection equipment; supervising workers who need to use the equipment; and monitoring the inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

Course Requirement: Title 8 CCR Section 1671.1

Course Content:
Course instruction will include training that is specific to the types of fall hazards that exist at your facility. Candidates for Competent Person certification will be instructed on how to recognize fall hazards; how to don and use safety harnesses for fall prevention; how to connect to a secure anchor point using lanyards or other approved systems; how to select and rig the approved Fall Protection Systems according to the specific work location and situation; and how to inspect their equipment for damage or excessive wear. This training and discussion will be at greater depth and detail than the Worker Level Training, and the exercises will include practice with all combinations of equipment and devices that are available for use in your organization or may be needed for unusual situations.

Course Material / Exercises:

  • GENIĀ® Course Manual
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Typical Fall Protection Devices
  • Harness Donning & Adjusting Exercises
  • Harness Races (untangling an improperly stored harness)
  • Rigging of specialized Fall Protection Equipment
  • Demonstrating competence with all types of approved equipment
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