Online Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Refresher with Hand-On Option (Sacramento, CA)

Online Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Refresher with Hand-On Option (Sacramento, CA)
Location: 4701 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95822
Class Time: 7:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Price: $105.00

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The audience for this Northern California Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Refresher (RRP-R) course includes renovators, remodelers, painters, maintenance personnel, and any other workers removing or modifying painted surfaces.

This Online Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Refresher is approved by EPA. Accreditation #: NAT-RV-R-19157-3-EN-E

Course Content:
Natec International, Inc.'s Online RRP-R training course concentrates on procedures for minimizing lead dust generation and soil contamination during maintenance/ renovation/ remodeling activities as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). If these procedures are correctly implemented, the risk of lead exposure to employees, children, residents and families of employees can be minimized.

  • Module 1: Why I Should Be Concerned About Lead Paint?
  • Module 2: Regulations
  • Module 3: Before Beginning Work
  • Module 4: Containing Dust During Work
  • Module 5: During Work
  • Module 6: Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work
  • Module 7: Recordkeeping
  • Module 8: Training Non-Certified Renovation Workers

Hours: 4 Hours

At the end of this online course, you will be required to take a final assessment to test your knowledge of the course material. You must achieve a score of 80% or better to be marked as complete. After you have passed this online training, you will also be required to complete one hour of hands-on training delivered by an EPA-accredited training provider and pass a final in-person exam to receive your EPA Certified Renovator status. Your certification is revalidated once you complete this refresher course. If you do not complete a refresher course every year within your five year renewal period, you will have to re-take the initial course again for certification with the EPA.

Please choose a date above to schedule the In-Person, Hands-On Assessment and the Final Examination. You can only proceed to the In-Person training after passing the online course.

Online Training Policy:

  1.     The entirety of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Refresher (RRP-R) Program, which includes the Online RRP-R Training,  In-Person Hands-on Training and Final Examination; must be completed within 30 days of your enrollment date.
  2.     In order to be certified, you must PASS The Online Training Review Exam, Hands-On Training and the FINAL EXAMINATION.
  3.     Upon successful passing the Online Training Review Exam, you will receive an email confirmation and certificate of completion.
  4.     Username and Password to the Online Training will be sent after 1 business day of purchase of the training.
  5.     Access to the Online Training will expire after 30 days of enrollment date.

NOTE: All students who are taking a refresher course MUST provide copies of their latest certificates no later than one (1) day prior to class.

Students who do not provide proof of prior RRP certification from their previous Training Provider shall NOT receive a new certification. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the EPA’s certificate expiration requirements. Expired training certificates will NOT be accepted as proof of prior certification. EPA Firm Certifications will  NOT be accepted as proof of prior training. If you are unsure about the status of your current certificate, NATEC recommends verifying your eligibility for RRP Recertification prior to registering by contacting the NATEC Training Department for assistance:  1-(800) 969-3228.

Certificate of Completion: A certificate documenting Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting training is awarded to each student who attends and completes the entire Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Refresher (RRP-R) Program.

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