Online Respirator Medical Evaluation

Online Respirator Medical Evaluation
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Online Medical Evaluation for Respirator Use

Located in Appendix C of the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29CFR 1910.134, a medical evaluation questionnaire is required to be completed by the employee using respirators. This evaluation will be assessed by a physician or licensed health care professional to see:

  • If a follow-up exam with a physician is necessary
  • The employee is able and clear to use a respirator without restrictions
  • The employee is clear to use a respirator but has certain restrictions
  • The employee is not cleared for any respirator usage

Wearing a respirator can be a physical toll on the user. It can pose risks for those who may already have underlying health conditions. Prior to workplace usage of a respirator, OSHA requires medical evaluation for any employee who will be fit-tested.

This online medical evaluation for respirator use is an efficient method of fulfilling OSHA’s requirement without a physician’s assessment (unless a follow-up is required). The price of the medical evaluation does not include the follow-up with your physician if it is required. The medical evaluation will be verified and processed within 24 hours of completion for results and notice of clearance.

You will receive your link to the medical evaluation form within 24 hours and it will be available to you for 7 days.


PLEASE NOTE: You have 90 days from receiving your online enrollment login to successfully pass/complete the course. Failure to do so will forfeit your enrollment and require a new registration to the course.

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