Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor State Exam Prep (NATEC Students Only)

Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor State Exam Prep (NATEC Students Only)
Location: 8390 Capwell Drive, Oakland, CA
Class Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Price: $95.00

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“ Pricing is for NATEC Students ONLY. Non-NATEC students will be billed an additional $155 for the Exam Prep Course. Call NATEC for more information.”


This Northern
California Lead Supervisor / Project Monitor State Prep Exam class provides a review of the HUD Guidelines (Chapters 8, 10, 11, & 12)and California Code of Regulations (Title 17, 8, & 22 CCR) as it relates to Regulatory Requirements, H&S, Sample Collection & Analysis, Abatement Options, Containment/Cleanup/Clearance, and Admin. Duties.

Project Monitor:
This test preparation class provides a review of HUD Guidelines (Chapters 5, 7, & 15), California Code of Regulations (Title 8, 17, CCR), & Code of Federal Reguations (Title 40 CFR) as it relates to State & Federal Regulatory Requirements, Lead Hazard Evaluation, Admin. Duties, Clearance Inspection, Sampling Protocols/Procedures, Abatement Options, Containment/Barrier Systems, Waste Issues, Air Monitoring, & H&S.

4 Hours

Completion of the Lead 16-Hr Supplemental Supervision & Project Monitoring Course


You must register with CPS (http://cps.ca.gov/TakeATest/CLPPCE/howtoreg.asp) for this exam.


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